Absolutely The Best!
Dennis Keogh's impersonation of Sir Sean Connery as James Bond 007 raises the bar and sets a new standard. Mr. Keogh is simply the undisputed master with his spot-on impersonation in authentic Scottish brogue. His extraordinary resemblance, dress and demeanor coupled with his wit and presence will have you believing that you are truly in the company of Sir Sean himself.

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Bond. James Bond
Agent 007 in her Majesty's Service

Need some class for your next event? Invite Bond...James Bond, to your party! Dennis Keogh has the look, the voice, and the fashion to bring Sean Connery to your event.

Here is a video of Dennis at the License to Cure, 2012 American Cancer Society Linn Gala in Cedar Rapids, IA  View Here!

James Bond 007: Licensed to Entertain.

Best on the planet!
I run an entertainment company, presenting live entertainment for mostly corporate events. In my 27 years in business, I have worked with a number of Sean Connery impersonators- none of them even gets CLOSE to Dennis Keogh. Dennis is not only a dead-ringer, but he really gets into character. I have booked him as 007, as a Sean Connery emcee (in a kilt)- my clients have always been thrilled with his performance. Dennis is also a true professional, and a joy to work with. If you are seeking a Sean Connery / James Bond look-alike / impersonator for an event, then look no further. Dennis is the best there is.  Read More Reviews Here!

Perfect for Your Next Event
Experience the Presence of James Bond

Seldom do you encounter a celebrity impersonator so accomplished that the majority of people who meet him totally suspend disbelief.

Dennis Keogh is often recognized as Sir Sean himself while walking down the street, in shopping malls, sports events and casual dining. People will approach him for a photograph or to merely shake his hand. In fact, Phoenix Magazine listed Dennis in its 101 Things To Do' in Phoenix where it suggested that you hire Dennis for a night on the town and introduce him as your uncle Sean. Dennis is number 83... Why not Enjoy a night out with Sean Connery yourself!

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